Reservation Policies

All cruises Hourly: $125 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours + tax and gratuity up to six passengers.

Half Day (4 hours): $400, Full Day (8 hours): $800

Payment: We require reservations for each of the cruises we offer, because it helps us better plan a smooth, fun excursion for you. We are happy to book your trip individually when you contact us. Please call us or send an email to check our availability and provide payment information.

Weather: Our boat is equipped with state of the art electronics and navigation systems to help us track weather while we are on the water. In addition, the Captain will make a safety decision based on weather and water conditions prior to each trip. In the event that conditions are unfavorable that day for a safe trip, your trip will be rescheduled as soon as is convenient for you.

General Info: Coolers and non-glass beer containers welcome, wine bottles OK. Children under 8 years must wear a life jacket at all times, vests provided. No infant vests provided for children under 30 pounds. Please provide your own.

Call 251-500-1400 for a reservation today!